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0843 2080 982

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Trading Standards Contact Numbers

Trading Standards Phone Number
Head Office 0843 2080 982
Product Recalls 0843 2080 982
Complaints 0843 2080 982

Trading Standards Phone Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday to Friday: 8.00am – 6pm

Closed Weekends

Trading Standards Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Chartered Trading Standards Institute and itsa Limited
1 Sylvan Court
Sylvan Way
Southfields Business Park
Essex SS15 6TH

Reasons to Call the Trading Standards Contact Number

  • I would like to report something that I deem unsafe to Trading Standards
  • I am having issues with a used car I have bought
  • I have been scammed whilst shopping online
  • I think a product I have bought has been recalled and I would like further information
  • I would like to locate my nearest Trading Standards office
  • I would like to apply for a job at Trading Standards
  • I have spotted a mistake on the Trading Standards official website

Woman packaging food for trading standardsTrading Standards UK

The Trading Standards Agency works with local councils to ensure that businesses are sticking to consumer laws. If you need to report something to Trading Standards, you can use the contact number. You can also call the Trading Standards Contact number if you would like to locate your nearest Trading Standards office. The work of Trading Standards is extremely important as they ensure businesses are practising health and safety when it comes to their customers. They inform the UK about things such as product recalls, for example, if a child’s car seat is not safe they will work to have the product recalled and alert those that have purchased the car seat through things such as the newspapers and social media. One of the main aims of Trading Standards is to protect the success of the economy as well as ensure the health and wellbeing of citizens. Trading Standards are delivered by your local authority and you can find out the work of your local Trading Standards office by visiting the Trading Standards Institute online. The website also provides a lot of advice to ensure you are safety savvy whilst you are doing things such as shopping online, shopping across European borders and approved traders to use in your area. You can find these by entering the postcode into the search bar that is provided. It is worth checking back from time to time at the list of recalled products that is regularly updated on the Trading Standards website as you may have something that should be discarded due to it being dangerous. You can find the list of recalled products under the ‘help’ category on the Trading Standard’s website. The list can include anything from electrical items to food. If you have a product that is on the recall list you can return the product to a local store where you will either receive an exchange for a safe version of the product or a refund (it doesn’t matter if the product has been used because the batch code will show that it has been recalled). Please call the contact number for more information about product recall.

Trading Standards Complaints

If you spot something that needs to be assessed by Trading Standards, then please call the contact number to officially report it. Whether that be a concerning local business or an item you have bought from a supermarket. If you have been scammed online then Trading Standards would like to know as they display a list on their website that displays only online shopping sites that are safe to use. The directory is called Brand-i and is considerably easy to use, please call the contact number if you are struggling to read it or if you are looking for a specific company. If you do think a company has broken the law or acted unfairly towards you or someone else, then you can either call this contact number or contact citizens advice with details of your experience. There are a number of things considered worth reporting to Trading Standards which include; misleading you into buying a product or service, sold you fake items that you weren’t aware of or sold you dangerous/faulty items. If you were having workmen in your home you can also report them if they left your home in an unacceptable or dangerous state. When you have reported an issue, the information will be passed onto Trading Standards and the appropriate action will be taken. If your problem is investigated then a number of things might occur including Trading Standards educating the trader about the law or take legal action against them to stop them from continuing to trade unfairly.

Trading Standards Jobs

With the relevant degree, it is possible to enter the Trading Standard’s profession straight from school or college. There are a number positions available at Trading Standards and the career itself offers a number of excellent opportunities. If you are considering a job in the Trading Standards industry please visit the website to browse positions that are available in your area. Here, you will see the qualifications framework that allows you to check whether you are definitely qualified for the position.

Trading Standards Carsman and woman buying used car

There are all kinds of traps that you can fall into when buying a used car and while most of the time customer’s are satisfied with their deal, there are times when it has gone terribly wrong as the car sold to them has been stolen, illegally altered or something similar. There are a number of things to look out for when buying a used car which are all advertised on the Citizens Advice website. These include ensuring that your trader is trustworthy (looking for a trader advertised on the Trading Standards website). Traders that have been approved will have a sign that says they follow the Motor Codes of Practice which gives you the right to act through a trade association should something go wrong. Other precautions that you can take include checking the car details with the DVLA. To do this you will need the car’s registration number, MOT number, mileage, and its make and model. There are a number of other steps you can take to ensure you are buying a safe, well looked after car including trusting your own instincts and taking it for a test drive and making sure that the car definitely has a V5C log book before you buy it. Please be aware that buying a used car at an auction can have risks as you are not protected by anything legal should something go wrong. Please visit the Citizen’s Advice website for further information about this. If you have bought a used car and are experiencing issues with it, please call the Trading Standard’s contact number and report the dealership  – your issue will then be looked into.

About Trading Standards

Trading Standards work for local councils ensuring that businesses abide by consumer law. They advise traders on consumer law and prosecute any traders that may be found exploiting this. They deal with a diverse range of issues under a number of acts including the Food Standards Agency and the Office of Fair Trading. The Trading Standards Agency was previously known as Weights and Measures because their main job was to test the weights and measures of equipment and goods. In 1881 the Chartered Trading Standard’s Institute was established to support Trading Standards Professionals in the UK and abroad.

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