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Teachers Pensions is part of the Department for Education and is responsible for managing pensions for teachers.

Other Teachers Pensions Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Member Services 0843 2081 093
Head Office 0843 2081 093
Payments 0843 2081 093

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Monday- Friday 8.30am-6pm
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Head Office Mowden Hall, DL3 9EE, Darlington, Durham, England

Who can join the Teachers Pension scheme?
Are Teachers Pension contributions tax-deductible?
What happens to Teachers Pension when you die?
How to find the Teachers Pension reference number?

Reasons to call Teachers Pensions contact:

  • If you are a newly qualified teacher and you wish to find out more about the scheme.
  • If you want to find out more information about contributions.
  • If you are an employer and you need assistance with the scheme.
  • If you are having difficulty logging into your online account.
  • If you wish to make a complaint about the Teachers Pensions service.

Teachers Pension Scheme

There are four stages of a Teachers Pension scheme. The stage that you are at lines with where you are at in your career: newly-qualified, within pensionable employment, planning for retirement or within your retirement years.


As a teacher just embarking on your career, you will begin paying into your pension from your very first wage-slip as part of the scheme. Through the scheme, you’ll get a guaranteed pension as both you and your employer pay in. The pension is based on your salary and length of service. You can take it is a tax-free lump sum or in regular payments when you retire. To qualify for pension benefits, you need to have a minimum of two years service. For salaries up to £26,000 you will be paying in 7.4% in contributions- as your salary goes up, your level of contributions does too.

Within Pensionable Employment

If you are an active teacher, it can be easy to forget about your pension, especially which arrangement you were in or your pension age. If you were teaching before 2007, you are in a protected arrangement so your Normal Pension Age is 60. If you are a tapered member and you entered the service after 2007, your age is 65. If you were part of the scheme before the 1st April 2012 but less than 13.5 years away from retirement, you are a tapered member. If you were a member after the 1st April 2015 or after 2012 but over 13.5 years away from retirement, you are a transition member in the career average arrangement.

If you have a break in service for more than 5 years, you may change pension arrangements when you return to teaching.

If you leave teaching, you can opt to leave your benefits in the scheme to receive a lower rate later on or transfer the benefits to a new scheme.

Planning for retirement

It’s never too early to begin planning for your retirement. If your retirement age is 60, your final benefits will be a pension multiplying your service by your salary and dividing by 80, plus a lump sum which is three times equal to your pension. If your pension age is 65,  your pension is calculated by multiplying your service by average salary and dividing by 60. You can apply online at the Teachers Pensions website for retirement.

Teachers Pensions Contributions

Teachers Pension contributions
Teachers Pensions Contributions

Both you and your employer contribute to your pension. From September 2015, your employer pays 16.5%. Your contributions depend on what you earn, as follows:

  • £0-£25,999,99- Rate of 7.4%
  • £26,000- £34,999,99- Rate of 8.6%
  • £35,000- £41,499,99- Rate of 9.6%
  • £41,500- £54,999,99- Rate of 10.2%
  • £55,000- £74,999,99- Rate of 11.3%
  • £75,000+- 11.7%

Always check your payslips to ensure that you are paying the right amount.

Teachers Pension Calculator

There are many different calculators available on the Teachers Pensions website to help you work out your sums for pension planning. You can use a calculator to estimate the value of your final pension, how industry increases to contributions will affect you, understanding your annual allowance and seeing how much you can earn when you are retired. Find the calculators here.

Teachers Pensions Online

You can register for My Pension Online which allows you to securely manage your pension online. To register you will need to know your teachers pension reference number, National Insurance number and your email address. It’s important to remember your password as you will be locked out of the account after five incorrect login attempts.

Popular questions about Teachers Pensions

Who can join Teachers Pension scheme?

It’s up to the employer to decide who can join the teachers pension scheme. However, people in a role which involves mainly teaching, whether it be part or full-time should be enrolled into the scheme.

Are Teachers Pension contributions tax-deductible?

You will receive tax relief on contributions that you pay into your teachers pension.

What happens to Teachers Pension when you die?

Your surviving spouse will automatically receive your pension unless you nominate someone else. If you don’t have a partner, you can nominate a close relative but it is up to you to keep their information up to date.

How to find Teachers Pension reference number?

You can find your Teachers Pension reference number by logging into the Employer Portal on the Teachers Pension website. Once you have logged into the portal, you will be able to search for members and you will be able to find your Teachers Pension reference number.

About Teachers Pensions

The Teachers Pension scheme covers many employees in over 2,000 educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities. It is unfunded, so it is a taxation scheme rather than an investment fund. The Pension was reformed in 2007 to increase the Normal Pension Age to 65 and was reformed once again in 2015 to update member arrangements. The Teachers Pension scheme is the second largest public pension scheme in the UK. The scheme is managed by Capita, who were chosen by the Department for Education. Over 400,000 people have registered to manage their pension online.

It is estimated that there are over 1.4 million members of the Teachers Pension scheme in the UK and it is known to be one of the most rewarding in the public sector.

For more information about Teachers Pensions, call the Teachers Pensions contact number on this page.

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