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0844 248 2561


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PIP Contact Numbers

Personal Independence Payment Phone Number
Head Office 0844 248 2561
Claimant Helpline 0844 248 2561
Complaints 0844 248 2561

PIP Phone Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday to Friday: 8.00am – 6pm

Closed Weekends

PIP Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office  

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Reasons to Call the PIP Contact Number

  • I would like to apply for a Personal Independence Payment
  • I would like to make a complaint about the service I have received from PIP
  • I would like to know if I am eligible for PIP
  • I would like to know what to expect from a PIP assessment
  • I have not received my PIP payments
  • My circumstances have changed and I need to alert HMRC
  • My PIP payments have changed and I am not sure why
  • I have failed my PIP assessment and I am not sure why
  • I cannot make my PIP assessment and would like to change the date
  • I would like to cancel my PIP assessment

Saving up Personal Independence PaymentsPersonal Independence Payment Rates

If you have passed your assessment and are to begin receiving Personal Independence Payments you can expect to receive one or two of the two components that make up PIP. The two payments go towards daily living and mobility needs The daily living component can be given to those who need help with everyday living such as getting dressed, preparing and eating food as well as making important decisions such as decisions about money. If you are capable of this, you will not be eligible for the daily living component, but if you are you will be paid at either a standard rate (£55.10 per week) or at an enhanced rate (£82.30 weekly). Even if you are not eligible, you can still receive payments towards your mobility needs which is also given in a standard and enhanced rate depending on your situation. This component is paid to those that face problems when they are going out or need help moving around. This payment is given at a standard rate of £21.80 weekly and an enhanced rate of £57.45. Previous to PIP was the Disability Living Allowance, whilst this no longer exists, those that claim it will continue to receive the benefit until they are invited by the government to apply for PIP, in the mean time you can use the Government website’s calculator to find when you may be expected to claim for PIP. The DWP also decides how long you will be in receipt of your given rate and this changes per person. You will receive a letter at least 14 weeks before your PIP is due to end, which will remind you to make a new claim. If you have a terminal illness you will receive PIP for three years and not be required to make a new claim in this time. Please remember that your PIP payments could be reviewed by the government at any time but it is not likely that they will be looked into until your claim is up for renewal. Your PIP payments will come through every four weeks, but if you are terminally ill you will receive a once-weekly payment. All payments are put into the claimant’s bank account. Please note that if you are being looked after by a full-time carer, they may also be able to claim a Carer’s Allowance. There is also a British Sign Language Guide to PIP available on the Government website.

Personal Independence Payment Assessment

When you claim for a Personal Independence Payment you will be required to undergo an assessment to see whether or not you are eligible and to determine how much you will get with your claim. Rather than focussing on the disability itself, the assessment is said to focus on how it affect your ability to perform practical tasks everyday. These assessments must be passed three months prior to claiming the benefit and if the benefit is received before state pension age, claimants can continue to claim after they retire. Regular checks will be made to those in receipt of PIP and you must be able to withhold the terms that allowed you to pass your assessment for at least nine months to continue receiving your payments. There has been a lot of criticism surrounding the PIP assessments, with disability rights organisations such as Scope saying that the assessment criteria was flawed and, therefore, could cause unnecessary distress to disabled people. Scope questioned the government’s motives and said that they were too focused on simply cutting welfare budgets. Your claims are assessed by an independent healthcare professional – to locate your nearest assessment centre please call the PIP contact number.  The assessment is based on looking at how much help you need and you will be given a score – the higher the score you are given, the more help the assessment has decided that you need.  The assessments take place in the form of a face to face consultation. Once you have a consultation date and time you will receive a letter with more details of what you can expect from it. You can expect to talk openly about how your condition affects you such as the things you have difficulty doing and things you can’t do at all. It is important that you prepare for the assessment and are honest as this will determine whether or not you receive payments. You may be asked questions such as how you arrived at the assessment centre and you may also be asked to carry out some physical tasks. If you have had a PIP assessment and are not happy with how it went or what was involved, please call the contact number. Please note that it is advised to take someone along for support if possible.

PIP Application

Claims for PIP usually begin over the phone and then you will be required to go through for assessment on a particular day and time. Please note that if an assessment is passed you will still be required to undergo reassessment periodically to ensure ongoing eligibility for the payments. To start your claim either ring the DWP or the PIP contact number. After this, the application process requires you to send form DS1500 which are only available at your doctors or from healthcare professional. Please check that you definitely fit the requirements to be a PIP applicant before you stat your claim.

About PIP

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is one of the welfare benefits that is available in the United Kingdom to those that live with a disability or a long-term health condition. The payment is not linked to those that are in or out of work and is available to both employed and unemployed citizens. An assessment is taken place to conclude whether or not the claimant is eligible for the payments and the contribution is tax-free. The assessment was updated on the 1st May 2016 and can be claimed by adults under the state pension age – it is not available to children. There have been many criticisms PIP scheme since it was announced in 2013 by Ian Duncan Smith that more should be done to assess those receiving disability allowance, including checking whether or not their condition had improved or worsened.

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