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NHS Pensions is a type of pension scheme available to only NHS employees. For more information about the scheme, call NHS Pensions Contact using the number above.

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Which NHS Pension Scheme am I in?
What is NHS Pensions choice 2?
What is NHS Pension protection?

Why would I need to call NHS Pensions Contact?

  • To get help enrolling employees onto a pension scheme as an employer.
  • For help with forms.
  • To give an additional voluntary contribution.
  • To leave the scheme.
  • To discuss retirement.
  • To make a complaint about NHS pensions.
  • For help with registering for the scheme.

NHS Pension Scheme

Until 2015, there were two types of NHS pension schemes. The 1995/2008 schemes closed in March 2015, but it previously offered pensions based on career pay for NHS employees. The new 2015 scheme commenced on the 1st April 2015 and is open to all members- it also provides benefits and pensions based on pay during a career for NHS employees. The performance of the scheme is outlined by the NHS Pensions Charter and the scheme works closely with the NHS and local authority employers to ensure that it is working effectively. The scheme aims to:

  • Treat each member as an individual
  • Pay on time and accurately
  • Be fair and helpful, listening to members
  • Keep information confidential
  • Tell members accurately what information or action is required

The 2015 scheme is slightly different to previous schemes. It is a Career Average Revalued Earnings scheme, meaning that the benefits of the scheme come from pensionable earnings from each year of your NHS career. Payments will increase in line with guidance set out by the Treasury.

Your NHS employer should make you a member of the scheme automatically.

NHS Pension Contributions

All members of the 2015 pension scheme will pay the same long-term contributions rates. The rates were decided by Trade Unions and NHS representatives. The current rates will remain in place until 2019. The contributions are based on salary, as follows:

  • Earning up to £15,431.99- contribution rate of 5%.
  • Between £15,432 to £21,477.99- rate of 5.6%.
  • Between £21, 478 to £26,823.99- rate of 7.1%.
  • Between £26,824 to £47,845.99- rate of 9.3%.
  • Between £47,846 to £70,630.99- rate of 12.5%.
  • Between £70,631 to £111,376.99- rate of 13.5%.
  • £111,377 and over- 14.5%.

NHS Pension Calculator

NHS pension Contributions
NHS Pension Contributions

There are a series of pension calculators available on the NHS website which can help you work out what benefits to expect with your pension. There is a standard calculator, which shows people on the old 1995 scheme what they can expect to get when they retire. The Pension Commutation Calculator will show what you would get if you ‘gave up’ some of your pension in return for a lump sum upon retirement. The Early Retirement calculator shows what you will get if you claim your pension before you turn the state pension age (65 and above). The opt out calculator will show what will happen to your pay if you opt out of the scheme early. You can find all the calculators on the NHS Pensions website.

NHS Pensions Early Retirement

The age that you can retire is the minimum pension age. It varies depending on which NHS pension scheme you have, but usually the earliest age that you can retire is 59. To apply for early retirement, you have to contact NHS pensions directly. The maximum amount of time that you can be in a pension scheme is approximately 45 years- after that, your contributions will be deferred and given to you when you choose to retire. If you retire before the state pension age, you can expect to have your pension reduced accordingly. People within 10 years of retirement did not have to join the new 2015 scheme and as such, can retire from the age of 59-60, depending on whether they were on the 1995 or 2008 scheme. You must retire for 24 hours before you can claim your pension benefits.

Popular questions about NHS Pensions

Which NHS Pension scheme am I in?

You can use the Member Identifier service to find out which NHS pension scheme you are in. It is accessible from the homepage of the NHS Pensions website. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions about your membership and the tool will tell you which scheme you are in and give you further guidance relating directly to that scheme.

What is NHS Pensions Choice 2?

Choice 2 is a service developed for 1995/2008 pension scheme members to help them get the most of their benefits from that scheme before moving to the 2015 one. The Choice 2 aims to help you decide whether to move schemes or not- it depends on the age that you will retire and whether you will remain an employee of the NHS until your retirement. There are plenty of factsheets and a calculator available on the NHS Pension website to help you decide whether to opt in for Choice 2 or not.

What is NHS Pension Protection?

Pension protection is available to members who will remain in their current 1995/2008 pension scheme rather than moving to the 2015 scheme. You can find more information about pension protection by calling the NHS Pension contact helpline at the top of this page.

About NHS Pensions

The NHS pension scheme has been the pinnacle of the NHS rewards package since its inception in 1948. It’s the largest public sector pension scheme in the UK and there are currently around 1.4 million members who are actively contributing to the scheme. The scheme pays pensions to 750,000 people each month.

The scheme is backed by the Government and is open to both employees from the NHS itself and other related organisations. The scheme is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is modern and up-to-date with the latest legislation for the Department of Work and Pensions.

When a person begins working for the NHS, they will automatically be enrolled into the NHS pension scheme, but they can opt out if they wish. Contributions are taken from gross pay and the employer contributes around 14%.

For more information about NHS Pensions, call the NHS pensions contact number on this page.

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