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About National Insurance

National Insurance is a contribution paid towards the state by paid workers in the UK. Employers also pay this. It pays towards certain state benefits that those that might be too ill to work or cannot work might claim. These days, it also pays towards a pension. The Labour Government first introduced National Insurance payments in 1948 and it has since undergone a lot of changes and amendments as it can often be met with public scrutiny. National Insurance contributions will appear on almost every worker and employer’s pay slip and HMRC collect these payments (usually monthly). Although it was officially introduced in 1948, the concept of paid workers and employers paying towards the benefits of those that cannot work has been around since 1911 and was known as the National Insurance Act. Both employees and employers pay ‘class one’ contributions to National Insurance, with the employee paying the primary contribution and the employer paying the secondary. The PAYE computer payment service that was introduced in 2009 is what records National Insurance payments. National Insurance is what is required of every worker aged 16 or over who earns over £155 per week.

Other National Insurance Contact Numbers

National Insurance  Phone Number
Head Office 0844 826 8362
Claimant Helpline 0844 826 8362
Complaints 0843 826 8362

National Insurance Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office  

Corporation Tax Services
HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

National Insurance Call Time Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Mon – Fri: 8.30 – 21.00

Weekends: 10.00 – 18.00

Reasons to Call the National Insurance Contact Number

  • I have misplaced my National Insurance number
  • I have not received a National Insurance number and need one to begin a new job
  • I think I am paying more National Insurance than I should
  • I don’t think I am paying enough National Insurance
  • I would like to know more about what contribution category I fall into

Your National Insurance Card

If you turned sixteen before 2011 you would have received a blue and red card with your National Insurance number on, this was not a proof of identity but you were advised to keep it in a safe place and take it to things such as job interviews. From July 2011 the National Insurance number card ceased to exist and instead you are now just given a number. You will still be sent this in the post. If you have not received one and are over sixteen years of age, please call the contact number ASAP. if you have misplaced your number then check things such as letters about tax and pension as well as your work pay slip or you can check your personal tax account if you have one of those. Your National Insurance number is used by a number of people for a number of different reasons. People that need your National Insurance number include; HM Revenue and Customs, your employer, the DWP, Job Centre Plus, your local council if you are currently in receipt of Housing Benefit, you pension provider and the Student Loan Company. Call the contact number if you think you have lost your National Insurance number as you can apply for a new one.

National Insurance calculator National Insurance Calculations

You may be wondering how your National Insurance contributions are calculated in the first place because many of you will see the charges deducted when you get your pay slip. The contributions are calculated depending on how much you earn, or for those that are self-employed, the taxable profits that you take. The contributions are based on whether you earn an upper or lower limit and depending on what band your salary belongs to, that’s how much National Insurance will be taken out of your earnings. The table is devised by HMRC. You can also contribute voluntarily to your National Insurance payments if you want to ensure that your entitlement to a state pension is protected when you retire. This is known as a third class contribution. The most recent contribution boundaries for 2016 state that no National Insurance is paid for those that earn under £112 per week. There is a table on the Government website that tells you exactly how much National Insurance you should be paying but if you are having trouble finding or understanding it, please call the contact number. You can also use this webpage to find out how much your employer will contribute to National Insurance  – the rates differ slightly between employer and employee. For example, if you are earning from £155.01 – £827 per week you will be required to pay 12% of that on your National Insurance. If you are earning over £827 per week you will be required to an additional 2% of National Insurance on anything over that. An employer with the same earnings will be required to pay 13.8% both times. Each contribution rate falls into a category and this depends on the worker type, for example married women and widows that are entitled to pay a reduced National Insurance rate belong to category B and employees under 21, category M. Rates that are deducted from a person’s salary are known as class 1 contribution rates. The rates and tax thresholds vary from year to year and if you are unsure of the full current rates for this year, please call the contact number.

Misplaced National Insurance Numbers

You may find that you have misplaced your national insurance number card, if this is the case then please call the contact number and find out what your number is. It is not always necessary to keep your National Insurance card with you at all times because your number can be retrieved from things such as your pay slip, p60 and any letters you might get about tax and pensions. However, if you are unsure of your National Insurance number then please call the contact number to find it as you will need it for a number of things such as starting a new job or claiming your tax back. If you cannot call the number, HMRC has produced a form that you can fill out on the government website. The form is known as the CA5403 form and the address you are required to send it to is on the form itself. If you are having any issues with this, HMRC do offer a web chat service if you have any minor questions about finding your National Insurance number. Please note that whether you call the contact number or contact HMRC on a different line, you will not be given your National Insurance number over the phone, once your details have been passed onto HMRC you will be sent your number in the post. You should be sent a National Insurance number automatically when you are 16 but if you find you do not have one, you can also call the contact number to apply for one. If you are under 20, the application will be done for you and your number sent out, if you are over 20 you will need to actually re-apply for one yourself. You may be asked to go to go to an interview at your local Job Centre Plus where you will be asked about why you are applying for a National Insurance Number. You will need to take documents to the interview to prove your identity such as your Passport or Identity Photo card. If you are unsure of what to expect at the interview, feel free to call the contact number for some advice. You will be given an idea in the interview as to how long it will take to receive your National Insurance Number but if you have not received your number in the time frame given to you, please call the contact number so that your issue can be resolved.


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