Housing Benefit Contact Number

0843 557 5168

Housing Benefit pictureHousing Benefit Contact Numbers

Housing Benefit Phone Number
Head Office 0843 557 5168
Claimant Helpline 0843 557 5168
Complaints 0843 557 5168

Housing Benefit Phone Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

Housing Benefit Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Westminster Benefit Services
PO Box 82

Reasons to call the Housing Benefit Phone Number:

  • You would like to apply for housing benefits but need help in doing so
  • You have had a change in circumstances that you would like to alert HMRC to
  • You have not received your benefit payments on time this month
  • You would like to complain about the service you have received from Housing Benefit advisers
  • You would like to know whether or not you are entitled to Housing Benefit
  • You are unsure where to go for Housing Benefit Advice
  • You would like to locate your nearest Job Centre Plus
  • You have been overpaid your Housing Benefit this month
  • You have stopped receiving Housing Benefit and you are unsure why
  • You are unhappy about the amount of Housing Benefit you are receiving

Housing Benefit Calculator

Benefits calculators can be found on the Government website and they are a way of independently seeing whether not you are entitled to any benefit, and if you are, how much. They are simple to use and can be used to see whether or not you will be entitled to any Housing Benefit, whether it be to pay for all or part of your rent, depending on your income. In order to calculate your benefit entitlement, you will need the following things before going online to use the calculator: Your savings information, your income (and your partner’s if you live together), existing benefits and pensions, your council tax bill and information about how much outgoings you pay at the moment (rent, mortgage, payments for childcare etc). Once you have gathered all of the information, you can visit the government website and begin to calculate your information. Please note that you are not entitled to use the calculators to calculate your housing benefit entitlement if you are under eighteen, and accurate results will not be given by the calculator if you ar a student, are in prison, not a British Citizen or living outside of the UK. Please check the Government website or call the contact number for further information and terms and conditions for using the benefits calculator. If you are struggling to use it, please call the contact number and somebody will be happy to assist you. You may be eligible for Housing Benefit if you pay your own rent, your savings are below £16, 000 and you are already on a low income/claiming benefits. Reasons that you will not be entitled to receive Housing Benefit include if you live in the home of a close relative, you’re an asylum seeker or you are a full-time student. Please note that you also are not entitled to receive both Housing Benefit and Universal Credit at the same time. You can also contact your local council to receive eligibility information.

Applying for Housing Benefit

There is no set amount of housing benefit that you will receive and it all depends on your income and whether you pay rent privately or whether you rent your property from the council. If you find you are entitled to receiving housing benefit (either from the benefits calculator, the Housing Benefits contact number or an adviser at the Job Centre) then you must apply for it ASAP to make the most out of your payments. If you are already claiming other benefits, you will need to provide the details of these when applying for your Housing Benefit. You can give these details to your local Job Centre Plus who will then contact the council on your behalf. If you would like to locate your nearest Job Centre Plus, please call the Housing Benefit contact number. Please call the contact number if you are currently not claiming any other benefits but would like help in applying for Housing Benefit. If you are claiming Pension Credit, then you can get in touch with the Pension Credit services to begin your application for Housing Benefit. In certain cases, a claim for Housing Benefit may be able to be back-dated, meaning you will receive a payment from when you were first entitled to the benefit, rather than from the date that you first applied, which can be particularly beneficial if you were entitled to Housing Benefit months before you applied for it. You can claim in advance and back-date your claim by up to 13 weeks and you can appeal any decision made for you in terms of Housing Benefit with your local council. Please call the contact number for more information on how to appeal.

Housing Benefit Change of Circumstances

It is important that you alert HMRC to a change in your circumstances if you are receiving benefit. This includes Housing Benefit. Your circumstances affect the amount of benefit that you receive and so if these change you could be entitled to more or less benefit. It is a criminal offence to not alert HMRC to a change in your circumstances and if you find that you have been receiving an overpayment in benefits ie. more than you are entitled to then you will be expected to pay the money back. Examples of a change in circumstances might be that the amount of rent you pay changes, your child leaves school or you leave the country for over one month.

Housing Benefit Cap

How much Housing Benefit you receive depends on your ‘eligible rent’ which is basically the average rent for a property in your area, whether or not you have a spare room in your property, if your household income is over £6000 (includes savings and other benefits) or if someone has a disability in the house. Like all benefits, there is a limit on how much you can receive as a household. The current benefit caps are £500 per week for single parents and couples and £350 per week for single people. The benefits that you, your partner and any children over 16 receive are all counted as one household and so all of the benefits are added together. If you are unsure about how much benefits you should be receiving (including Housing Benefit) then please call the contact number. The benefit cap mainly applies to those aged 16-64.

About Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is designed to help those that do not earn enough to both pay their rent and support themselves and their families. Housing Benefit depends very much on yours and your partner’s income and how much you are bringing in as a household. When you apply for Housing Benefit, you may receive enough to pay for all of your rent, or you may receive some to assist you in doing so. Housing Benefit is designed to pay rent only and is not designed to pay towards housing and living costs such as gas and electricity, food and clothes. If you are struggling to pay for these type of things, you should call the contact number and they can connect you with someone from the right department that can help. The Housing Benefit department is the second biggest department within the DWP and therefore has the second biggest budget. In 2013-14 it was given £23.8 billion. Changes made to benefits in 2011 means that significantly lower amounts of Housing Benefit have been received by claimants since then.

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