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The Highways Agency is a company owned by the Government which is responsible for managing the road network and motorways in the UK.

Other Highways Agency Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Customer Services 0843 2080 986
Head Office 0843 2080 986
Report a problem 0843 2080 986

Highways Agency Contact Number Opening Hours

Days Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 7am-7pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Highways Agency Head Office Address

Department Contact Number
Head Office Highways England Company Ltd Bridge House, 1 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford GU1 4LZ

What powers does the Highways Agency have?
Are the Highways Agency traffic officers police?

Why would I need to call Highways Agency Contact?

  • For information about traffic, delays or roadworks on the UK’s roads.
  • For help with improvement schemes that have been put in place by the Highways Agency; whether it be finding more information or making a complaint.
  • To report an issue that you have seen on a motorway or road.
  • To make a complaint about a traffic officer.
  • To make a general enquiry or complaint.

Highways Agency

The Highways Agency is responsible for overseeing, improving and maintaining England’s roads and motorways. The agency has been known as Highways England since April 2015. However, it is important to note that the Highways Agency does not manage all of England’s roads. Many local roads are the responsibility of the local authorities. In Scotland and Wales, the roads are managed by Transport Scotland and the Welsh Assembly respectively. Lastly, the roads in London are the responsibility of Transport for London.

Contrary to popular belief, the Highways Agency isn’t responsible for dealing with people who break the law on the road. If you see someone breaking the law, call 101 or 999 to speak to the police, depending on the urgency of the situation. The agency doesn’t develop any policies either, as this is still the responsibility of the Department for Transport.

Highways Agency Traffic

If you need traffic information for the roads and motorways in England, the Highways Agency has a live page of updates. You’ll see delays, minor/major incidents and current roadworks. For instance, if a motorway junction is heavily congested, you will see the estimated delay i.e. 10 minutes. If there has been an incident, you will see a reason for the incident i.e. debris on the road or a broken down vehicle. There is also a mobile website and an iPhone app to help you keep updated with traffic activity on the move, but it is important to remember the law on using your phone behind the wheel- you shouldn’t use your phone whilst driving unless you have come to a complete stop in a safe area, such as pulled over at the side of the road. Even if you are in stationary traffic, you should still avoid using your phone.

For the worst incidents on the road network, the Highways Agency will inform the public via bulletins. It will give you important facts and estimated times for the incident to clear.

Lastly, you can use information from the Highways Agency traffic division to help you plan your route to a destination.

Highways Agency Road Closures

Highways agency road closures
Highways Agency road closures

You can search on the Highways Agency website to see if there are any planned road closures in your area. If you prefer, you can download a printable version of all the road works and closures which have been scheduled- this may be particularly useful for HGV drivers who regularly drive all over the country. The Highways Agency tries to update the printable list as often as possible, but for closures at a short notice it is advised to check the website.

Highway Agency Jobs

The Highways Agency is a large employer in England. They offer great benefits and rates of pay as well as a pension plan, opportunities for you to learn new skills and develop your career further and analyse your performance on an individual basis rather than to company targets. Current vacancies listed on the Highways Agency website include Project Manager, Health & Safety Advisor, Facilities Manager and Technical Advisor. A popular career in the Highways Agency is a traffic officer. A traffic officer is a presence on the motorway who deals with incidents from debris to flooding, making sure that everyone can travel on the roads safely. You will provide a high level of customer service as you work to reduce congestion and keep the roads working effectively. You’ll also need to know first aid so you can give it at the roadside.

Highways Agency Cameras

The agency currently operates approximately 1500 cameras on the motorways. You’ll usually find them on the grass verge. Unlike speed cameras, they are not painted for high visibility as they are not used to give out speeding tickets. Instead, the cameras are used to help the Highways Agency reduce levels of congestion and look at incidents. They will be monitored by an operator who will decide on the appropriate course of action from what they can see on the camera.

Popular questions about the Highways Agency

What powers do Highways Agency have?

The Highways Agency traffic officers will not stop you for speeding or any other driving offences. They can stop the traffic due to incidents on the road such as an accident and if you don’t stop for a traffic officer, you could get a fine and up to six points on your licence. Traffic officers are easy to spot as they drive a 4×4 vehicle with yellow and black markings. 4×4 vehicles are chosen so that they can withstand flooding and snow as well as towing vehicles if necessary.

Are Highways Agency traffic officers police?

No, the traffic officers are not part of the police force. However, they do work alongside the police to manage congestion on the roads.

About the Highways Agency

The Highways Agency was created in 1994. The agency changed to Highways England in 2015 and became a company owned by the Government. The agency has over 3,500 employees across the road network and in the head office in Birmingham.

For more information about the Highways Agency, call the contact number on this page.

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