DVLA Contact Number

0844 453 0118

DVLA Contact Number

The DVLA  has the responsibility to retain drivers information. The organisation also sell number plates which can be personalised, collect road tax, and issue drivers licenses for learners, as well as issue pink licenses to those who have passed their driving test.

DVLA Head Office Address

Department Head Office Address
Head Office Address DVLA
SA99 1BU

DVLA Contact Number Opening Times

Department Opening Times
Customer Service 8:30am-5pm

More Contact Numbers for the DVLA:

DVLA Phone Number
DVLA Contact Number – Head Office  0844 453 0118
DVLA Number for Complaints  0844 453 0118
Customer Service Contact Number  0844 453 0118

When will the DVLA return my passport?
How can I track my provisional license?
Are DVLA offices free post?
How can I revise for my theory test with the DVLA?
How long do I have to wait to receive my full license?

Reasons to ring the DVLA Number:

                • To complain about your recent experience with the DVLA
                • To find out the application process for a license and are unsure on how to do so
                • To report an email or phone call you have received from someone claiming to be from the DVLA
                • To enquire about certain forms available from the DVLA

DVLA Personalised License Plates

dvla contact numberThe Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency sell personalised license plates on their registration website. On this site, you can search for specialised license plates. You can also find out relevant information regarding licence plate auctions around the UK. The DVLA sell over 45 million personalised plates on their website, and their prices start from £250, including the £80 registration fee and VAT. After you have purchased your plate, you will receive a letter of entitlement from the DVLA. This shows that you own your chosen plate, and you will need to keep this safe until you receive your plate from them. Once the plate is ready for collection or delivery, the DVLA will write to you and inform you of this.


A Statutory Odd Road Notification, or SORN as it’s known, allows you to register an off-road vehicle (i.e a vehicle sat in a driveway or garage) as non -taxable. To make and request a SORN,  you will need to know both numbers found at the top of the V11 form you received from the DVLA and your V5C form. You can also send off your SORN request to the DVLA Head Office Address.

How to apply for a drivers license (UK)

When applying for a drivers license, you will have to supply some personal information. This includes passport and address details. as well as your National Insurance (NI) details, and the £34 required to pay for your license. You also must be 16 years old, and supply a passport photo which will be featured on your license. Once you have these items ready, apply for your license on the DVLA website.

DVLA Driving LessonOnce you have your license and have passed your driving test, send off your provisional for a full license. If your details have remained the same since you received your provisional license, your driving instructor should send off your provisional in order for the DVLA to swap it for a certified driving license. If you still haven’t received your license, and have waited for over a month, ring the number above and a member of staff will be able to help you. If you wish to change anything about your license you can fill in a form (D1), available to print off from the DVLA website. If you have already ordered your license you have not yet received it – track it online.


When will the DVLA return my passport?

If you have sent off important documents to the DVLA, such as your passport, you can expect to have them returned to you within 3 weeks at the latest. To find out more information on where your documents are, ring the number above and we will connect you with a member of staff at the DVLA who can help you with your query.

How can I track my provisional license?

If you have applied for a provisional license, you can track it over on the DVLA website

Are DVLA offices free post?

Unfortunately, the DVLA offices in the UK are not free post, and you will have to pay postage when sending letters to them. We advise sending tracked delivery.

How can I revise for my theory test with the DVLA?

In order to pass your theory test, you will need to revise. There are a number of ways you can do this. We recommend buying a Highway Code and Theory Test revision book. Once you have done so, you should try out a few practise tests. Practice tests can be found online, and the UK government offer free theory practise tests. You can also find free theory tests online with sites such as Top Tests, which offer a variety of tests, ranging from easy to hard. Once you are confident that you can pass your theory test, you can apply to take your test.

How long do I have to wait to receive my full license?

If you have passed your driving test, you can expect to wait around three weeks for your full license.

About the DVLA

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) was set up by the government in the UK and has the responsibility to retain drivers information. The organisation also sell personalised number plates, collect road tax, and issue drivers licenses. The DVLA used to have offices around the country, however, the Head Offices for the DVLA have since been moved to Wales, where the organisation is being developed in order to cope with high demand by the UK public. Changes so far include the abolishment of the road tax disc, which used to be displayed in drivers windows to show that tax had been paid. Now drivers must pay their tax online, as it is linked to licenses. The choice to pay taxes online with the DVLA was brought into effect in 2004 and has been praised by the UK since, as the process has been noted as being easy and understandable to use. Users can also pay over the phone and by post.

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