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0844 453 0195

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Companies House Contacts

Companies House Phone Number
Head Office 0844 453 0195
Registration Helpline  0844 453 0195
Complaints 0844 453 0195

Companies House Phone Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 6pm

Closed Weekends

Companies House Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Companies House
Crown Way
Cardiff CF14 3UZ

Reasons to Call the Companies House Contact Number

  • I want to register a new company
  • I have a complaint to make about Companies House
  • I am having trouble using the WebCHeck service
  • I am unsure how to submit my confirmation statement
  • I have spotted a mistake about my company in the Companies House register
  • I have spotted a mistake about another company in the Companies House register
  • I have forgotten my log in details for my WebCHeck account
  • I have made a payment on WebCHeck but I am still unable to access specific documents
  • I would like to know how to register my business with Companies House

person checking the companies house databaseCompanies House WebCHeck

If you head to the Companies House department on the Government website, you will to quickly and easily find company information. Some of the details that you can gather yourself about a company are free such as company information, registered addresses and the date incorporation occurred. You can also access any previous company names, any insolvency information as well as all of the mortgage charge data. The Government website holds easy access to all of this information but if you are having trouble using it, then please call the contact number and the information can be gathered for you. The Government has a commitment to providing free data and tries to ensure that most of the information is free on their WebcHeck service. The WebCHeck service gives you free access to over two million companies and simply search by entering the company’s name or the company number. You can select whether you would like to browse through current or very recently dissolved names, dissolved names (companies that no longer exist) previous names or proposed names. The companies will automatically be displayed using an alphabetical index but you can also view them using an enhanced index or by the company name’s availability. If you would like to go beyond the free information that is available you can also pay WebCHeck either via Paypal or credit/debit card to access further details of a company such as a company’s filing history and image documents. All of the downloads that have been bought are downloaded securely in a downloadable area. If you would like to monitor a company in particular, you can select to receive emails alerting you to when any new files are submitted to Companies House. There is a £1 charge on documents that require payment. You may not want to monitor another company but this service is just as effective for monitoring your own. It is also a good way of learning how to file your company’s accounts properly, in the right department, if you are new to the world of business.

Companies House Login

If you want to receive regular information from Companies House then you can create your own account on the WebCHeck homepage. You will need to log in using your email address and password. If you have forgotten your login details please call the Companies House contact number and someone will help you access your account. Here, all of your free and paid for searches will be listed. Registering for the account is simple and you can do this either by phoning the contact number or following the instructions on the website. You can opt for the WebCHeck service to remember your username and password so logging on is quick and easy next time, but it is important to remember not to save your details to a computer that is easily accessed by the public. As well as creating an account, there is also the option to subscribe for access to further information. Subscribing to the WebCHeck services has many advantages and gives you access to all historical company records, document packages for just £4 a package, detailed mortgage information and online certified copies. Your search will also be made a bit easier as you will be able to search by director’s name. The Companies House Direct Account costs £4 per month to join and £1 per document. If you would like further information before you sign up to the service, please call the Companies House contact number.

Companies House Returns

The confirmation statement is the new term that refers to the action that was previously known as annual returns and is something that every company must do by law. Filing your confirmation statement is simple and can be done by visiting the Government website where you can also file your company accounts (often this can be filed jointly with your tax returns) and sign up for email alerts that will remind you when your confirmation statement is due to save you forgetting. Because the confirmation service is still new, if you were due to file your annual returns by the 30th June 2016 then please visit the government website and file your returns the old way. This is to make sure everyone is up to date before the confirmation statement service is brought in in full. Preparing your confirmation statement involves checking that the information that Companies House currently hold about in their database is correct and up to date. This includes the address at where you hold your records and the details of your director and secretaries. It is also important to ensure that your SIC (Standard Industry Classification) is up to date in the register as this is the number that identifies exactly what your company does. If you have spotted any mistakes in the register then please call the contact number to have them rectified. Once all information has been checked you can send your confirmation either by post at a cost of £40, or submit it online for £13.

About Companies House

Companies House is the registrar of all of the United Kingdom’companies house buildings companies, it is a member of the Public Data group and also part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Every single company in the UK should be registered with Companies House no matter how big or small. There has been a system of company registration in the UK since 1844, and Companies House was brought about in 2006, with legislation governing company registration matters and basically registers all of the information that any company is required to provide by law. All companies are required by law to file annual returns which Companies House then make into public records. These can be viewed in the Companies House Direct. England and Wales have a unified register and are classed as one entity, which is separate from the registers of Scotland and Northern Ireland. All company registrations for England and Wales are carried out in Cardiff (head office listed above).

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