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The Charity Commission is the Government-appointed regulator of charities.

Other Charity Commission Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Registration 0844 248 2658
Head Office 0844 248 2658
Complaints 0844 248 2658

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Monday- Friday 9am-midday
Saturday Closed
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Department Address
Head Office 1 Drummond Gate, London SW1V 2QQ

Where to send Charity Commission accounts
What is a charity commission scheme?
How long to keep charity records
How to complain to the charity commission

Why would I need to call Charity Commission Contact?

  • To enquire about how to register a charity.
  • If you are experiencing problems with your annual return.
  • To make a complaint about a charity.
  • To report a serious incident if you are a trustee.
  • To report an issue if you are a charity worker.
  • To close a charity.

Charity Commission

The Charity Commission is responsible for overseeing charities to ensure that they are suitable to be supported by the public. The commission will register charities, step in  when there has been an incident of misconduct, make sure that charities meet the requirements set to them legally, gather information about the charities and make it available to the public as well as providing online support and services to assist the charities. The Charity Commission will publish a report each time that it investigates a charity i.e. the current reports available include an inquiry into the Bangladeshi Parents and Carers Association following allegations of fraud.

Charity Commission Website

On the Charity Commission website, you will find guides to help support charities. You will find introductory guides to managing a charity’s financial accounts, preparing your annual return, how to fundraise legally and responsibly, insuring your charity, managing volunteers, safeguarding children and more. On the website, you will also find blog posts on a range of topics relevant to the charity industry including how to increase public trust in charities and making digital technology work for charities.

Charity Commission Register


Before you can register your charity, there are certain things that you need to consider. You must first find three trustees for your charity, understand its purpose, choose a name and a structure and create a governing document. A governing document is designed to set out the purposes and rules of your charity with information about when meetings will be held, who the trustees are and how to close the charity. Trustees must consistently refer to the Governing document as it tells you how to run the charity. You can download a template to help you from the Government website.

If your income is £5000 or more per year, you will need to register your charity. To register, you’ll need to provide proof of how your charity is run for the benefit of the public, as well as proof of your income. Your proof of income could be the charity’s annual accounts or a bank statement from a recent period.

Charity Commission Annual Return

The annual return that you have to send to the charity commission is different to your tax return that you send to HMRC. If your charity’s income is over £10,000, you must file the return. If it is under this amount, you must still update your charity account with information about your income and trustees. The annual return is due 10 months after the end of your charity’s financial year. In terms of the financial information required on the return, you’ll need complete details of the total income and spending for the period that you are reporting. You’ll also need to give information about the activities your charity took part in during that period, such as fundraising events. If the charity’s income totals over £25,000, you will need to provide a full disclosure of the accounts as well as a report by an auditor or examiner which is not affiliated with your charity. If you have an issue with filing your annual return, you can call the Charity Commission Contact using the number on this page for assistance.

Charity Commission Trustees

A trustee is a person who has control of a charity; their job is to ensure that the charity fulfilling the purpose outlined in the Governing document. The majority of trustees will not get paid for their role but are entitled to claim expenses. You can’t become a trustee if you are bankrupt, have previously been removed from a position as a charity trustee/company director due to misconduct or have an unspent conviction. A trustee must act in the best interests of the charity at all times.

Charity Commission Jobs

If you wish to work for the Charity Commission, you can search for roles using the Civil Service job search. You will find jobs in several sectors from risk assessment to human resources.

Popular questions about the Charity Commission

Charity Commission: Where to send accounts?

You can submit your accounts to the charity commission online. You just need your charity registration number and password to login to the online service.

What is a charity commission scheme?

The Charity Commission has the powers to create schemes. Schemes can be used to give trustees the power to carry out certain actions, change governing documents or recruit new trustees. The schemes are only used after a full authorisation process.

Charity Commission: How long to keep records?

You should keep your records for either three or six years, depending on whether you are a charitable company or an unincorporated charity. The records necessary include receipts, invoices and cash books.

How to complain to Charity Commission

If you have already complained to a charity about their actions and you wish to take it further, you can report serious complaints to the Charity Commission. This includes not doing what the purposes of the charity has been set out for, losing money rapidly, involved in illegal wrongdoings or causing harm to a person.

About the Charity Commission

The Charity Commission first formed in 2007 as a result of the Charities Act 2006. It was originally designed to be a charity industry regulator but has now taken on many other responsibilities such as providing policies and guidance for charities in England and Wales.

For more information about the charity commission, call the contact number on this page.

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